Thursday, November 20, 2008

LAST CALL: sine cera Submissions Due by November 29th

As you all know, the public reading of sine cera is Friday, December 5, 2008 at 7 PM in Salt Lake City’s Main Library Auditorium. Thank you to all those who have submitted:

Dave Bastian *
Tiffany Carver *
Larry Chaston
Kate Cushing
Harold W. Davis
Chanel Earl
Gregor Gable *
Elvin Gage
John Hicks *
Peggy Kadir
Paul Kartchner *
Julie A. Liljenquist *
Cyndi Lloyd
Joyce E. Luttrell
Paul L. Rosser *
Albert E. Smith
Winifred M. Walker
Becky Wilson
Deborah Young *

If you have not yet submitted a piece for this edition of sine cera, you still have time. The official deadline has passed, but there is still room for more submissions! Submit your writing by Saturday, November 29th, and you can still participate in the reading on December 5th.

Submissions should be sent to the DiverseCity Writing Series coordinator at But, hurry. Time is running out, and there will be no additional deadline extensions.

* (If you have not already submitted a writer consent release, please be sure to drop one off at the SLCC Community Writing Center by November 29th)

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DvntWriter said...

The reading went so well! Thank you to all the readers and mentors—the CWC couldn't do this without you. :-)