Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Art Festival Volunteer Opportunities #2

Greetings CWC Volunteers, here is another volunteer opportunity for the Arts Festival taking place June 25th - 28th.

Each year at the Arts Festival, the CWC hosts the Iron Pen writing contest, and we are in need of 9 judges. Thus far we have two confirmed, leaving just 7 spots open.

The Iron Pen is a 24 hour writing contest for adults and young adults. Friday the 26th at 5PM, writers will receive the prompt and will have until exactly 5PM Thursday to submit their work.

Writers can submit pieces to one of three categories (Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry) or submit to all three in what is called the Ultra Iron Pen.

We need 9 judges total, 3 per category. If you are interested in judging or would like more information, contact me, Christina, at the CWC. And of course, let your group members know about the contest!

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Susan Abney said...

When do the judges judge? What time? What kind of time commitment are we talking about? Just curious.