Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Volunteers

Dear Volunteers:

On my first day back at the SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC), Robbi welcomed me with enthusiasm and grace. Many volunteers have shared stories of Robbi creating a welcoming environment in which they became a member of the CWC family. It is an honor and a privilege to return to the CWC, as well as to follow such a class act. Thank you Robbi for all your hard work and sincerity, we miss you already.

To those of you who do not know, I am an old employee once set free now returning to the nest. It is with great joy that I return. I have had a long, painful struggle with words. Personal struggles finding my voice have led me to appreciate and acknowledge the power words hold in our society. It was here at the CWC I found a model of education that proactively combats the process of oppression. In all actions the CWC works to empower people to give voice to problems they face, the hopes they carry and the change they crave.

As volunteers you are vital to these efforts. Each moment you wait at an off-site writing coaching location, mentor a group or spread the word about the CWC at a community event you are providing opportunities for others to find their voice. It is my hope that in this position I can serve as a support to you, as well as maximize the assets our volunteers bring.

Thank you each for all the work you do.

Rachel Jardine
Volunteer Coordina

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John Wilkes said...

Welcome back Rachel. If there is anything i can help with, let me know.