Saturday, November 14, 2009

Volunteer Brunch: Thanks!

     The volunteer brunch was great. Thanks to everyone who put it together. I especially appreciated the brainstorming session. I'm glad we're going to do it each quarter. Good to meet all of you I had not met previously.

I was very pleased and surprised to learn that I was officially the very 1st CWC Volunteer. I was not expecting the nice certificate. Thank you very much, and as I said, it really has been my pleasure to be involved in such an important organization. Wish I could do more.

I appreciate the opportunity to co-mentor the DWS GBLTQA Writing group. I hope we can clear up the mentor issue soon, so the group can continue. I think it's an important group to have. I'd like to see us doing a DWS group for homeless people again. The apartment complex where I've lived since April, Palmer Court, is transitional housing for formerly chronically homeless people. (If they built a few more of these, I think the homeless population would drop by half.) Therefore, there is a possible meeting space available, and people to whom I can broach the subject. They may be more interested in it under the auspices of a social activity for the residents. Just say the word and we'll get together to discuss it.

Thanks again,

John Wilkes

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