Friday, December 18, 2009

Butterfly effect

I want to share with everyone an experience that indicates our influence is not only felt in Salt Lake City.

There was a young man who came to the first two meeting of our new LGBT Writers' Group. Sadly he was just visiting, and returned home to Arizona. I've really missed his writing and input, but what can you do?

Today, I recieved an e-mail from him. He is starting a GLBT writing group in his area of Phoenix, and was asking for some advice. I don't know how helpful my ideas will be to him: I just gave him the rundown of how I've been winging it, suggested he ask the writers what they would like to get from the group, and wished him luck.

But I'm pleased to get feedback that our efforts don't just make a difference in our community, but spread outward to other places. That in turn will perhaps spread beyond that realm, and so forth.

Volunteer. No effort is too small, and the impact may be larger than you imagine



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