Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Street news in Salt Lake City now a reality, CWC volunteer official vendor

Well, The Salt Lake City Mission finally got a street newspaper off the ground. I'm an official vendor. The second best thing to starting my own. I was on two local news stations, channel 5 and channel 4. It's called Salt Lake Street News. City Weekly also did an article. Shari (pictured at left) is our top vendor right now. Contact the Mission for subscription and advertising rates. Mention me,  John Wilkes,  Official Vendor #009, and I'll benefit from your ad or script. Contact Brad or Pamela at the Mission about that. New issue coming out in July 2010, but you can still get the premiere May/June 2010. If you see us on the street, please buy a copy. That is the most immediate way to help. Also, if you want to purchase quantities of the paper to distribute to the socially conscious clients and customers of your organization or business, email me ( I'll deliver! [photo courtesy of Salt Lake City Weekly].
If you would like to submit writing on the subject of homelessness, or if you are a homeless or formerly homeless person and would like to tell your story or submit original work, call The Mission and speak to Brad or Pamela.
John Wilkes
Community Writing Center volunteer
DiverseCity Writing Series GLBTQ group co-mentor

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