Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help me out here

I have a lot of free time to volunteer right now, so don't hesitate to ask. If I'm available and I can get there, I'm there. I really enjoyed doing time at the Utah Arts Festival, and I had the pleasure of hanging with Ken and Shannon at the People's Market this past Sunday.
The GLBTQ DWS group started out well. It was disappointing that nobody showed up to the last meeting however. I'd like to ask all of you mentors what things you do to keep people coming on a regular basis. I don't expect everyone to make every meeting, of course. From past experience, I believe that there is a need and desire for this group. I just need some help reaching people and keeping their interest.
You may e-mail me with suggestions at riograndereport@live.com .
I want to thank Susan Abney, chanel, and DvntWriter for their supportive comments to my last blog. And, chanel, in answer to your question, I've posted a photo.

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chanel said...

Good to see you, and good attitude, keep volunteering!!